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Long Term Care

McKesson Medical-Surgical: Serving Long Term Care Facilities

Each day, McKesson Medical-Surgical fulfills more than 6,500 orders for more than 18,000 long term care customers, including skilled nursing facilities (SNF), assisted living facilities (ALF) and independent rehab facilities. We understand the need for quality medical-surgical product solutions – from advanced wound care and incontinence to housekeeping – as well as clinical and business resources to help address your biggest challenges.

Succeeding under the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM)

PDPM represents the first major change to the SNF Medicare reimbursement model in more than 20 years; a move from a service-related approach to a patient-centered approach. PDPM will focus on each patient’s needs and goals while also improving payment accuracy for reimbursements.  We offer extensive educational training and resources to help you reassess and adjust care and operations to succeed under the new PDPM SNF Medicare reimbursement model.

We’re also here to help as you tackle reducing hospital readmissions, increasing referrals and education of staff, all to improve the quality of care for your residents.

Lab Testing Methods for COVID-19 Explained

Published on July 29, 2020 Whether you're on the frontlines or behind the scenes, you're making a difference in patients' lives. Watch this video to learn more about lab testing for COVID-19, including the types of tests available and how these tests detect the COVID-19 virus.

Effective respiratory care starts with point-of-care diagnostic testing, providing the information you need for quick, accurate diagnosis. Download our respiratory lab testing guide to find the right methods to diagnose flu, RSV, strep A and SARS-CoV-2.


Timely delivery is important, but cost is too. We’re committed to providing you with the superior service you expect at a competitive price, and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure that happens. Download our shipping expertise guide to learn why you should feel confident about shipping with us.


McKesson Distribution Services

Published on March 9, 2020 At McKesson, we understand how important it is to deliver medical products and supplies to our customers and their patients on time. That's why we're committed to investing in our distribution capabilities. Learn about how some of our recent advancements in distribution center technologies help us deliver for you.

Staff Training & Education

We’ve brought together three education tiers offering varying levels of courses, certifications and CEUs to help you find the best clinical education solution for your long term care facility staff.

McKesson Academy™

Get the clinical education and training you need with our no-cost online portal, featuring over 270 resources, including Relias CE training courses, product education and McKesson webinars.

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McKesson Academy™ Plus

Available for purchase by course or series of courses, McKesson Academy Plus™ is our library of accredited continuing education courses from Relias Learning.

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The Relias Learning Management System (LMS) offers an extensive catalog of continuing education courses, with full administrative functionality including automation, management and tracking. 

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McKesson Clinical Connection™

A clinical care program custom-made for you.

Consulting | Education | Support

Incontinence care is a critical component of caring for residents in long term care and skilled nursing facilities. Gain a better understanding of effective incontinence care, from choosing the best products for your residents to properly sizing and applying those products.

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Combining training, resource guides, clinical tools and more, our comprehensive WoundCare Companion program can help you and your clinical staff save time and money while providing the best care possible.

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Tools for Increasing Referrals

McKesson Quality One™
McKesson Quality One™ offers you an innovative, web-based tool to manage the quality assurance (QA) processes at your facility, in virtually every discipline, every day.

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  • Incontinence
    McKesson Medical-Surgical offers incontinence supplies including adult diapers, panty liners, incontinence pads, chux pads, and more incontinence products.
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  • Wound Care
    McKesson Medical-Surgical delivers a comprehensive wound care product portfolio including bandages, gauze, medical tape, first aid kits, hydrogel, eye patches, and wound care supplies.
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  • Nutritionals And Feeding Supplies
    McKesson Medical-Surgical delivers nutritional supplements and feeding supplies including ensure, dietary supplements, feeding tubes, baby formula, and more.
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