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Respiratory Care

Respiratory illnesses are leading causes of death and disability around the world, second only to cardiovascular diseases.

How are you planning to handle this respiratory season?

The 2020-2021 respiratory season will be unlike any other previous respiratory season, with experts predicting that COVID-19 and flu will overlap.

The 2019 respiratory season saw:

Graphic showing statistics for respiratory illnesses, including flu, RSV and pneumonia

Physician’s offices, pediatricians, health systems, long-term care facilities, post-acute-care and home medical equipment (HME) providers should start formulating a respiratory strategy before the traditional respiratory season starts. Here are four steps to establishing a robust respiratory program:

  1. Help prevent respiratory illnesses by establishing a vaccination program for children, adults and seniors
  2. Teach your staff and patients effective infection prevention techniques to prevent the spread of disease
  3. Incorporate point-of-care diagnostic testing within your medical practice, pediatric facility, nursing home, long-term care and other medical facilities to help reduce hospitalizations from respiratory diseases
  4. Revise your inventory plan to ensure you have products available to provide treatment, whether at the point-of-care or through your HME

We understand the importance of providing quality respiratory care to your patients. We have the products and services to help you get what you need to care for patients.

Featured webinar

Managing your respiratory product category

Published on July 16, 2020 Presented by VGM & Associates, this webinar covers building a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) program, developing an outcomes program, helping patients with compliance and generating additional revenue, as well as steps to show value to hospitals and payors.

Resources for better respiratory care

See how we’re responding to COVID-19, access webinars and training, get info on lab testing and more.

Our respiratory guide was designed to help you understand the various respiratory diseases, common treatments and the products your patients need for the best possible outcomes. We also included a list of clinical resources to help educate you and your staff on a range of respiratory products and conditions.

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We’ve brought the most popular courses to our complimentary online education portal, McKesson Academy™. All of the training courses are built with the adult learner in mind, so they’re highly interactive and engaging for a self-paced learning experience. Take a look at these courses we’ve identified to help you and your organization learn more about the respiratory category.

Key courses for long term care facilities:

  • Pandemic influenza
  • Respiratory capnography training and monitors
  • Shiley tracheostomy care guide videos

Download the full course listing for long term care facilities >

Key courses for home health agencies:

  • Caponograpy training and monitors
  • NEWPORT HT70 Plus Ventilator training series
  • Shiley tracheostomy care guide videos

Download complete course listing for home health agencies >

Key courses for hospice agencies:

  • Adult tracheostomy care: What you should know
  • Caponograpy training and monitors
  • Airway management course
  • Beginning airway management: Tracheostomy care 10
  • NEWPORT HT70 Plus Ventilator training series
  • Shiley tracheostomy care guide videos

Download complete course listing for hospice agencies >

Key courses for home medical equipment providers:

  • Caponograpy training and monitors
  • NEWPORT HT70 Plus Ventilator training series
  • Shiley tracheostomy care guide videos

Download complete course listing for home medical equipment providers >

Our respiratory care services

McKesson FluWise®

How are you preparing for flu each season? Let McKesson FluWise® help you get ready for flu, with our comprehensive program giving you access to a variety of professional flu products, savings and stability, and support every step of the way. Learn more about McKesson FluWise and how we can help.

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McKesson Readmissions Resource: COPD

The McKesson Readmissions Resource™ offers robust clinical resources to help you address common disease states that can contribute to higher hospital readmission rates. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a common, preventable and treatable disease characterized by limited airflow due to airway and/or alveolar abnormalities.

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Featured webinar

Help Prepare Your Post-Acute Care Organization for COVID-19

Published on March 18, 2020 In this webinar, Pathway Health offers insight into key steps for preparing your post-acute care organization for COVID-19.

Point-of-care (POC) lab testing provides the information you need for quick, accurate diagnosis. Find the right methods for your practice to diagnose flu, RSV, strep A and SARS-CoV-2.

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Each year, approximately 8% of the U.S. population gets sick from flu, but older adults are especially vulnerable. Here are four ways you can help protect your extended care residents and staff from flu.

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Exploring the link between expediting respiratory testing results & supply chain Published: 10-27-2020 Brought to you by McKesson Respiratory season has always been a tough one for health systems. A typical season has clinicians diagnosing flu, strep, RSV and pneumonia. This year, with the addition of COVID-19, having the right tests becomes key in rapidly diagnosing for an accurate diagnosis. John Harris, VP, strategic accounts, laboratory at McKesson Medical-Surgical has been working with health systems in establishing a point-of-care respiratory testing program. In this podcast, we explore four ways to help formulate a successful testing strategy across your health system's non-acute settings.
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How can supply chain help clinicians build out a vaccine program? Published: 10-27-2020 Brought to you by McKesson Several respiratory diseases, including flu and pneumonia, are preventable with a vaccine, however, routine vaccinations are down during the pandemic according to the American Hospital Association. Given the fear around COVID-19, how do clinicians get patients to come in for their vaccinations? And how can supply chain support health systems in creating a holistic strategy around vaccination? Trevor Keeler, Director of Pharmaceutical Sales for McKesson Medical-Surgical, has been working with health systems and supply chain professionals in helping to create a holistic strategy in providing vaccines. 

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