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Laboratory Resources

Helping you face the challenges of today's laboratory

Providing laboratory testing and services at the point of care can come with unique challenges.

Learn about important topics for today’s lab, from tackling microbiology and implementing testing to standardizing laboratory operations, and access resources to help you elevate your lab.

Solutions for Today’s Lab

Published on December 1, 2017 Laboratory services are becoming increasingly vital to understanding the complete health of patients, monitoring chronic conditions and influencing positive outcomes. Learn about the products and solutions we offer to help your laboratory overcome the challenges of today's lab environment.

Colorectal Cancer & Laboratory Screening

Though colorectal cancer is recognized as the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the US, the disease is highly preventable with proper screening. Gain a better understanding of colorectal cancer screening, including the various historical screening methods available as well as new market entrants making a difference.

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Laboratory Topics
Microbiology and the Community Hospital

Advances in technology such as the increasing availability of sensitive, specific molecular methods are providing faster, highly accurate and far less subjective ways to identify infectious agents. Hospitals and the payer community have expectations of faster turnaround time for results, actionable information to base treatment on, and reliable, accurate testing irrespective of care setting.

Microbiology Resources


Laboratory Testing in Physicians’ Offices

With an increasing focus on patient outcomes, today’s physician office is constantly looking for ways to improve efficiencies and get patients the results they need faster. In-office laboratory testing offers a solution to both challenges, enabling physicians to more immediately implement treatment plans based on test results while also opening a new source of possible revenue. However, there are many factors to consider both before deciding to implement in-office lab testing and after.

Laboratory Testing Resources

Monitoring Heart Disease with Laboratory Testing in Primary Care

As heart disease continues to be a major health concern, causing thousands of deaths per year, it’s important for healthcare providers to actively help their patients monitor and treat this disease. Laboratory testing can help you monitor several contributing factors to heart disease. Learn about the impact and influencing factors of heart disease, and how lab testing fits into the prevention and treatment of this highly prevalent disease.

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How Physician Office Lab Testing Enhances Chronic Care Management

In this article, learn how independent practices are turning to physician office lab testing to better manage their growing patient population with chronic medical conditions. We explore how bringing lab testing to the point of care creates at least five different clinical benefits for patients, and how these clinical benefits translate into financial benefits for the medical practice.

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The ABC’s of CBC

The complete blood count (CBC) provides screening for a wide range of conditions and diseases that helps providers assess the patient’s acute and chronic condition quickly, economically and accurately. As the most commonly performed lab test, CBC offers many benefits including convenience and safety, versatility and clinical utility, and speedy turnaround time. Learn more about CBC and how to choose a CBC for your practice.

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Laboratory Services

Laboratory Specialists

Expanding or building your lab? Our team of laboratory specialists is available to help provide specialized consulting on various laboratory equipment and categories. Contact a laboratory specialist today. 

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Laboratory Implementation Team

Our Laboratory Implementation Team helps with initial lab setup and implementation, ensuring you have enough space for lab equipment, verifying hazard protocols, validating and testing equipment and more. This team can help set up single pieces of lab equipment or help build an entire new lab. Email us today to get started.

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